About CODA

Established by Arthur Boyd in 1982, CODA's roots can be traced back to a visionary idea of hosting chamber recitals that would provide a platform for budding professional musicians. These recitals aimed to support young talents by offering them a space to showcase their skills. The venue for these performances has been the theatre at Rose Hill School, where CODA has been able to create an intimate setting for its audiences.

Operating as a registered charity (No. 286544), CODA's impact has been substantial. It has successfully hosted nearly 300 recitals within the local community, while also making its mark on a larger scale by organising concerts at prestigious venues such as St. John’s, Smith Square, Wigmore Hall, and the South Bank Centre. This achievement reflects CODA's commitment to bringing exceptional music to diverse audiences.

Though Arthur Boyd's legacy continues to be the foundation of CODA's values, its present leadership is guided by Alex Metcalfe, a distinguished figure in the musical realm who serves as the Chairman. Its president is Nigel Clayton and the list of vice-presidents further showcases CODA's affiliation with notable artists, including Marcus Andrews, Michael Cox, Emma Johnson, James Lisney, Joan-Enric Lluna, Gina McCormack, and Colin Stone.

One of CODA's defining characteristics is its reputation for creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. This distinct personal touch extends to the post-recital experience, where attendees have the privilege to interact with the artists during refreshments. Beyond presenting internationally acclaimed musicians, CODA takes pride in nurturing emerging talents and providing a platform for those in the early stages of their careers. This dedication includes fostering a close relationship with The Countess of Munster Trust and Making Music, underscoring CODA's commitment to the future of music.